How to drain gas from lawn mower without siphon

How to drain gas from lawn mower without siphon. Different machines, devices, and appliances are seasonal. You may bring them out when you need them and store them when their seasons go, such as fans, heaters, AC, etc.

Here we are talking about the lawn mower. You can also say it a seasonal as it is not useable in winter. So the time when you decide to store, it would be better to drain gas from the lawn mower.

Different reasons encourage someone to drain gas from the fuel tank. However, the most vital reason is that if you don’t empty the tank fuel, it may put you in a challenge when you need to start it again.

So, draining the gas from the lawn mower with a siphon is usual, but if you want to know how to drain gas from a lawn mower without a siphon, you can follow the guideline.

A Guide For How to drain gas from lawn mower without siphon

If you want to drain gas from the mower before storing it, you would know that it may save the mower from creating different issues.

The vital plus point of emptying the mower fuel tank is it fends off the machine lines from getting corroded or facing leakage problems. Instead, the gas in the carbonate and lines stops it from starting after a specific period.drain gas from lawn mower without siphon

To prevent these problems and store the mower save and soundly, people use the siphon pump for the purpose. But if you don’t have it, then don’t worry.

In the following article, we will share the procedure to eliminate the gasoline from the lawn mower using simple tools, usually readily available.

Instructions Before Proceeding

Before the procedure, you need to know a few important things to prevent any harm to you. The valuable tips are given below.

  1. Use Ventilated areas like lawns while coping with the mower fuel.
  2. Prevent Inflammation Things that may create fire, like a cigarette or lighter ignition.

Steps To Drain Gas From The Lawn Mower

Draining old gasoline doesn’t take much time, so don’t get lazy; otherwise, it may result in leakage, corrosion, and issue while energizing it again. That may take even longer to fix it.

The lawn mower stays in use before winter as the lawn grass keeps growing, but don’t risk storing the machine in winter without making up for it.

So, do some minor maintenance to keep it ready when the grass grows again. So, don’t let the sediments rest in the tank, severely downgrading the value of the gas.

Here are the steps you should follow to drain the lawn mower without a siphon:

Method#1. Continuous Running The Mower

If you want to eliminate the gasoline from the mower fuel tank effortlessly, then the following method is very suitable and efficient.Continuous Running The Mower

Another plus point of the method is it doesn’t require any tool. Yeah! You can empty the gas without accessing any tool. So the first thing that you need to do is inspect the gas stabilizer before running the engine.

The method is beneficial when you know that a small quantity of gas exists in the fuel tank. If your mower has much gas you want to collect, you may proceed with another procedure.

Method#2. Drain Via Fuel Lines

So, here is how you seek to drain the gasoline from the mower tank without using a siphon. So in the following method, you need an item to collect the gas.

Step#1. Require Item

To accomplish the task, you may use a can, container, or drain pan made of metal having edges and perfect for the following task. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, go for the other one.

Step#2. Spark Plug

At first, it would be better to detach the spark plug. It will stop your mower from running accidentally while tackling it. If you find it hard to sit on the ground with your mower, you may place it higher for easy access.

Step#3. Access the Gas Line

Now, you need to figure out the gas line attached to the tank and carborater of your lawnmower. You may find it a bit challenging or must detach a few attachments to access it.

Step#4. Detach the Gas Line

When you figure out the rubber line or gas line, place the container close to you and disconnect the gas pipe from the spot by removing the clamps. Drive the fuel flow into the container.

A tip that will be helpful before disconnecting the line is to press the end of the line near the clamp as it is of rubber so it can’t get teary; while pressing the line, release the clumps and quickly drop the fuel into the can without creating a mess.

Step#5. Reattach Components

When you suspect no fuel is left in the tank, you may place and connect the gas line to the mower’s carburetor. Don’t forget to check the oil level and the mower’s filter, which are oil and air. And that’s all you need to do to drain the gasoline.

Further Pros For Draining Gas without Using Siphon

Some people find it easy to drain gas from the mower tank using a siphon while comparing it with a siphon pump, as the following method requires detaching a few parts to accomplish the task that demands a bit of hard work.

But if you don’t have siphon on the spot, then you may consider the following method without hesitation because it also comes with additional plus points below.

Elimination of Accumulated Items

So, draining without siphoning would be a great idea if you want to clean the tank entirely with accumulated sediment, dirt, or grime. The procedure also keeps the engine prolong stable.

Chance to Do Some Maintenance

Appliances require maintenance to perform excellently. If you don’t find time to do maintenance of your mower, then there is a chance of doing so as you already detach the relevant components. Things you should check with the detached gas line are mentioned below:

  • Examine Gas Line

Here is a chance to visibly inspect the gas line; if you find it is damaged or rusty, it would be better to replace it, so it will not stand longer.

  • Inspect the Oil Filter

It might be possible that your filter contains an oil filter; if it does, then you need to check, as it can get crummy with time and maybe require a replacement to ensure the pure fuel is getting into the carburetor.

  •  Float Bowl Cleaning

It might be possible that you are eliminating the gas as it becomes older and not fresh enough. Then, it must be help full to clean the carburetor entirely.

So, if the gasoline is polluted, then grab a socket wrench, unfasten the bold, take it off and install it after cleaning entirely.

  • Inspect Air Filter

While doing other maintenance, how can it possible to forget the air filter? Take off the filter cover and check if there is anything required for cleaning.


We are sure that the following article will clarify how to drain gas from lawnmowers without a siphon. You may find the easiest way to clean the mower fuel tank and can store it for winter.

By following these guidelines, you may be able to get some extra benefits that will be beneficial for your lawnmower through its maintenance. Follow the steps accurately and replace the teary one.

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