How to clean carpet with baking soda

How to clean carpet with baking soda. Carpets are the essential character of a house that transforms the look of a house. It also keeps the house warmer in freezing weather.

However, a carpet adds beauty to a house when it’s clean. It can’t give the desired vibes if it owns stains or marks on it. That is why the carpets required cleaning.

If you are looking for a worthwhile method to fix the issues of carpet cleaning, baking soda takes place in the first thing that provides magical results for cleaning purposes.

But cleaning the carpets or rags using baking soda requires an accurate procedure to give excellent results. So, if you are stalking for a way to clean your carpet using baking soda, here is a professional guide to help you.

How to clean carpet with baking soda (Easy Method)

Baking soda is an item that is usually available in all houses. It can be readily available at any superstore even if someone doesn’t have it.

So the following household item is familiar for cleaning purposes. If you have greasy, non-greasy stains on your carpet or stain, it is best to use baking soda.clean carpet with baking soda

It doesn’t seem necessary to use baking soda only for removing a hard stain; you can also treat it as a regular carpet cleaner.

Well, in the following article, you will find the procedure for using baking soda as a carpet cleaner. So let’s start the procedure without getting late.

Method To Remove Greasy Stains From The Carpet

Greasy stains are stains that develop from oily or greasy things and can give a tough time to anyone while removing them as these stains are too stubborn, especially when they catch debris or dirt with them.

If a greasy stain attacks your carpet and you are worried about eliminating it as if it stays, it can ruin the beauty of the whole carpet. So here is the method for eliminating greasy stains from carpets or mats.


Before the procedure, you require an arm & hammer, baking soda, a paper towel, and a vacuum cleaner.


If you have not used baking soda on the carpet before, you always need to test the baking soda every time. If it results in discoloration, don’t use it. And always make sure to test at a hidden place, like beneath the carpet or somewhere that is not visible.


Remove the excessive stains material like oil, dust, or debris using a paper towel. You can also use a clean cloth. Don’t scrub over the stain. You may remove the excessive quantity by tapping and pressing on it.


If you have baking soda, dust it on the stains. You can also go with the bottle shaker for sprinkling it. Leave the area for a whole day or night. Baking soda will suck the grease or oil as efficiently as long you will let it wait.


Now, you may vacuum the stained area. Usually, the light stains get removed after vacuuming. But if the stain is not removed permanently, you may follow the further steps below.

  • Take some liquid dish soap, dip a sponge or paper towel, and press it on the stain. Don’t scrub. Grab a clean towel, soak in clean water and blot it.
  • Dry the area and repeat the procedure of dusting baking soda and vacuuming after one night or day.

Method To Remove Non-Greasy Stains From The CarpetMethod To Remove Non-Greasy Stains From The Carpet

You can eliminate the non-greasy stains from the carpet or rug in the following step. Non-greasy stains are mud, dirt, or debris that are somehow easier than greasy.

So here are the steps you may follow to eliminate the non-greasy stains.


To remove non-greasy stains, you need to test the baking soda at the hidden spot of your carpet. The mixture of baking soda and water will be preferred for testing. You may use it fearlessly if it doesn’t leave any side effects.


Dust the baking powder over the stains. Ensure to cover the stains evenly with the baking soda.


Now, you require a damp towel or a cloth to cover the stain. But you need to dampen the cloth in lukewarm water. Squeeze it well so that it will not drop water on the carpet. Wrap the stain with a damp towel. Wait for almost 3 hours. You can go longer if you can wait but better to do the task at night.


Take off the cover and start vacuuming the stained area. If the stain is not eliminated permanently, you may consider repeating the procedure until it won’t go.

Method To Use Baking Soda As Regular Cleaner

It doesn’t require using baking soda only to remove stains, but it is also effective for regularly cleaning your carpet. So that it can always stay shining are glowy.

Here are the steps to use baking soda as a regular cleaning.


If you have not used baking soda before, don’t forget to test it on a small spot on the carpet. Mix half spoon of baking soda and mix it in the water and apply it for testing.


While regular cleaning, you don’t need to dust heavily, so even a light amount of baking soda will be enough for sprinkling. But the spot used a lot, like in front of the sofa or leading the ways areas to require a bit more than others.


Now, you have to wait for 10 to 20 minutes.


Now, you may use the vacuuming to suck out the dusted baking soda. It is also helpful for deodorizing vacuum bags.


We hope the following article will help you use baking soda on your carpet to remove stains, whether greasy or non-greasy. You may also follow the baking soda instructions for regular cleaning. You may also go for another suitable cleaner if the baking soda is incompatible with your carpet.

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