How to build a leveling drag

How to build a leveling drag. Leveling drags are the best tool that makes short work of yard maintenance that otherwise can take from hours to days.

You can make you a leveling drag of your own choice. You can either make a leveling drag by using the broken fence of chainlink or by using a wooden pallet.

All you need is fixing the things/modifications in a proper way and with proper tools. For chainlink, fence drag chooses the length of about 6-10 feet with a rope for easy leveling.

And for the wooden pallet to make a leveling drag you need to remove almost all boards except three foundational boards.

How to build a leveling dragbuild a leveling drag

the good thing about the leveling drags is that you can use the scrap to make the drag. Here we are going to explore two different methods and material types to make a leveling drag.

Build a leveling drag from the chain-link fence

A broken chain link fence can be a good alternative for an able tractor. It’s easy to create a leveling drag by using the chain-link fence.

To make a good leveling drag you may need to have a good piece of chain link fence (4*6) and a good quality rope of 3/8 meter. Adding a sharp knife to the list of tools is also important.

Steps by step guide to build a leveling drag from chain link fence

Step1: select a piece of chain link fence of about at least 6 feet in length and 4 -foot width. The length can be extended up to 10foot but 6 is good to manage.

Step2: Select and cut the rope, choose a rope of 3/8 diameter and cut it with a length of at least 6 feet. The rope’s length selection depends on your choice and ease of use.

Step3: Assemble all things, assemble the rope with chain link fence piece. Attach/ tie one end of the rope with the left corner of the 4feet side and the other with the right side.

Make a “V” shape by stretching the rope. Now you can grab the rope and the leveling drag is ready to use.

note: to avoid the rolling of chain link fence leveling drag adds weight to the leveling drag, it also provides a better leveling performance.

Build leveling drag from wooden pallet

Wooden pallets are also used to create a better leveling drag that works the same the commercial units do.

Tools needed:

  • a hammer
  • rope
  • wood screws

Step by step guide to building leveling drag from a wooden pallet

Step1: choose a pallet: select a good-quality wooden pallet. Put the wooden pallet on a leveled surface and ensure the bottom side is facing up.

Step2: remove all boards except the front, rear, and center foundational boards. A crowbar would be great a tool for removing the boards.

Step3: take your hammer and remove all unnecessary nails. The claw of the hammer turns very useful in removing the nails.

Step4: Take an electric drill machine, and drill a hole of about 2 inches through the support board, ensure the hole is cut through the top board until the bottom. The Center support board of the pallet is the best place to make a hole.

Step5:  now flip the pallet over the back top, and drive 2-inch wood screws through all top sideboards. Start from one end and install the screws in a zigzag manner.

Step6: again, turn down the pallet to fix the screws (screws face down). For a little bit weight insert the cinder blocks between the empty space (from where the boards you earlier removed).

Last step: now take a piece of chain and pass it through the hole earlier made. To secure the connection add the hook in the link. That’s all.

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