Chicken taco filling in a bag

Chicken taco filling in a bag. Chicken taco is the recipe for the chicken, which may be good for the health; the recipe is the chicken taco. If you are searching for the recipe, you are in the right place.

Chicken taco is a recipe that is maybe not so difficult but also not easy, and if you understand, this is a straightforward recipe; you can do it on yours.

Not just cooking is the filling, and there is a proper process of the cooking and making, then the process of its fillings starts. The filling is an easy process. You have to cook first.

Chicken taco filling in a bagChicken taco filling in a bag

There is a process that you should follow, and you come to know how you can fill the chicken taco. Some things necessary to complete the process are the Chicken, onions, chilies, and some masala which you use for the flavor.

These things are necessary. If any of them is not included, they may not be given a good taste and create a problem that can irritate you if it does not give a good flavor. There are some steps that you have to follow, and these steps are given as follows

Wash the chicken

This is the very first step, and ere you have to wash the chicken thoroughly and there the purpose is not just washing.

The primary purpose for the washing of the chicken is to clean it and take all the germs away from it and also all the extra things that are the cause of the irritation or the distaste and other many issues which you can face if you do not wash the chicken properly.Wash the chicken

Washing is the first step for every cooking; without washing, you do not decide whether your cooking is good or not.

Dry the chicken and sprinkle masala

In this step, put the washed chicken in the bowl, which is used to separate the water from the chicken and dry it when the water gets dried.

If water remains in it and does not get dried when you wash it, it remains the smell in it like the raw meat.

This raw meat smell can irritate you, and some people, due to this smell, do not like the chicken and all other meats.

When the chicken is dry completely, then you have to sprinkle the masala on the pieces of chicken. Sprinkle all the flavorings on the pieces and let them for the best taste as you marinate the chicken.

Let this for the time up to 15 minutes. Mix them well as the masala and other flavors mix thoroughly.

Cut onion and green chilies

You must cut the onion, garlic, and green peppers in this step. These are used for the excellent taste in the tacos. Cut them in good condition so they can easily make the paste in the cooker, and their soup is also made good.

Take the cooker and put all things in it

Now when all things are ready, you have to take the cooker and place all things in it for cooking. Complete all the ingredients and start cooking Preheat the cooker for a short time.

Preheating is maybe good as you are going to cook a big thing. After preheating, please put some oil in the cooker and the chicken in the cooker for cooking.

Start frying this chicken in that oil for a time that it is turning its color and then put the cut vegetables in it and allow it to fry in the oil and then cover it for the pressure. When you think that now frying is enough, you have to allow it for the pressure, now cover the cooker.

After a given time, take it out

You know how much time is better for the chicken to cook properly, after the passing of that time remove cooker’s cover. Take the cover out, allow it to spread the hot air, and keep the food cool in a way you can easily touch and arrange it to make the chicken taco.

Separate both things put the chicken pieces on the cutting board, and then chop them like the boiling chicken. After chopping the chicken, you should take the other material and separate the soup from it and the other things.

When you have separated the other material from the soup, put the chicken in it and mix as the chicken absorbs soup in it for good taste and removes the dryness.


This is the last step here. Your chicken taco is ready, and you have to fill it and arrange the packing; you can pack this according to your need.

This is an effortless and straightforward way to make its sandwich with the bread and then pack it in the pack.

This is a very easy way of making the chicken taco, and you can easily make it from the things which you have in your home; this is not very complex you can make it on your own.

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