Aladdin: Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Houston Dining

Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine stands as a testament to culinary excellence since its inception in 2006. Founded by the visionary Ali Nahhas, this family-owned restaurant has become a cherished gem within Houston’s vibrant dining landscape.

Offering a unique “Build Your Own Plate” (BYOP) model, Aladdin seamlessly blends Mediterranean flavors with the warmth of Lebanese and Greek hospitality, inviting patrons to craft their culinary masterpieces with each visit.

Aladdin Experience: Crafting Your Culinary Masterpiece

Aladdin Experience






As guests step into Aladdin, they embark on a culinary adventure guided by a service line divided into five enticing categories: Dips, Salads, Hot Veggies & Rice, Kabobs, and Baked Entrees.

The journey begins with a selection of three side dishes from a daily array of 30 freshly prepared options, leading to the main event – the entrees. Aladdin boasts 12 distinct main dishes that rotate daily, including tantalizing options for chicken, beef, lamb, and the beloved vegan favorite, falafel.

This innovative BYOP model empowers diners to mix and match, allowing them to tailor their meals to their unique taste preferences. It’s essential to note that Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine stands apart from buffet-style dining, offering a personalized experience with every visit.

Commitment to Halal and Hospitality

At the heart of Aladdin’s philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to serving only Halal-certified meats, ensuring the highest quality standards and adherence to Islamic dietary laws.

This dedication extends beyond the menu, with alcohol and pork omitted from their offerings—a reflection of the Nahhas family’s Muslim faith and their desire to create an inclusive dining experience that respects diverse cultures and beliefs.

A Legacy of Excellence and Expansion

Over the past 18 years, Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine has cemented its place as a culinary cornerstone in the Houston dining scene, setting a standard for excellence and growth.

With ambitions to expand and reach more communities, Aladdin seeks team members who share their passion for food, service, and culture.

Emphasizing the nurturing of talent and personalities, Aladdin recognizes that the essence of an individual shapes the spirit of their service, making every team member an integral part of the Aladdin experience.

 A Culture of Respect and Professionalism

Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine prides itself on its humble yet professionally respectful approach to business, service, and food. Digital etiquette is paramount, with the team emphasizing direct communication for any online interactions requiring attention.

This ensures a response reflective of Aladdin’s ethos of kindness, politeness, and resilience.

Embark on a Culinary Journey with Aladdin

In essence, Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine transcends the boundaries of a typical restaurant, offering a destination where tradition converges with innovation, and every meal is a voyage into the diverse flavors of the Mediterranean.

Built on a foundation of family values, quality, and respect, Aladdin invites you to join them in their ongoing story of success and culinary exploration. Experience the magic of Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine in Houston and indulge in a dining experience unlike any other.

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